Titleist has introduced the Titleist CNCP that might fundamentally change the way irons are produced. These irons retail at $500 per iron. You read that correct, each iron is $500. So what makes these so unique?

These irons allow Titleist to experiment with new materials, engineering techniquest that they have not done before. Essentially, Titleist is allowing it's engineers the freedom to create the most ridiculously advanced club barring no expense. These irons are designed, to elicit speed, high arching-shots with an ideal launch and a perfect sweet spot. This includes using a Super Metal L-Face Insert. What is Super Metal? It's a proprietary metal that is super rare and incredibly strong. It's supposedly five times stronger than stainless steel. Not only that, they are using a significant amount of Tungsten. Will these clubs be the future of golf. Only time will tell.

To learn more, visit titleist.com