Experience a workout like never before from home. See what makes the Tempo studio so unique and special.

The pandemic has unleashed new gym alternatives. A perfect example of this is the Tempo. What makes the Tempo stand out from the crowd is its use of 3d sensors, which tracks your movements to improve form. The costs is pretty much align with the other subscription service equipment models. The Peloton costs $1,895 with a $39 subscription fee. Whereas the Tempo Studio starts at $1,995 and has a $39 per month subscription.

The Tempo fits in a relatively small package. It's a 6 ft tall triangle with a 42 inch screen. All the weights fit in the cabinet below and range from 7.5 all the way up to 100 pounds. On the back, you'll find a bench press bar and tow dumbbell bars, discreetly hidden.

The technical aspect of the Tempo. It has infrared sensors that create a 3d model of your body based on 80,000 individual points. It detects your range of motion and counts your reps, tells you to increase or reduce the speed of the reps and even has the ability to let you know if the weight you are using is too light or too heavy. It also has the ability to correct and improve your form.

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